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Holistic Carolyn

A Natural Way to Support Healing

I’m an experienced Naturopathic and Homeopathic Practitioner and a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to healing. Through my practice, I strive to align clients and promote well-being in order to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy.

Carolyn Cole NC
Notice of Disclaimer


I, the undersigned, do acknowledge that Carolyn Cole is a Traditional Naturopath, Homeopath and Nutritional Consultant, not a Medical Doctor.  I understand that she is not engaged in diagnosing or treating any medical condition whatsoever.  Any naturopathic, homeopathic or nutritional advice given is not intended, nor should it be viewed, as a substitute for your consultation with a Medical Doctor on matters affecting your health.  Further, I hold Carolyn Cole completely harmless in the recommendations or suggestions she may offer to me to nutritionally support and balance my body.  I understand that these recommendations or suggestions are not to be construed as replacements for traditional medical diagnosis or treatment.

     I have read and understand the foregoing and consent to a homeopathic and/or nutritional consultation. I also take full responsibility for my health.

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Homemade Remedies
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