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Eliminating Chemicals

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Eliminating chemicals from our personal care products as well as household products is a good step towards a healthy lifestyle and protecting our planet.

Although, It can be hard to know what products to choose with all the green washing that goes on today. This is why I choose NYR Organic. In an independent audit NYR Organic was rated 100 out of 100!! This is quite impressive.

As a holistic practitioner I am very selective in what products I use and recommend as well as very selective in which companies I will align my name with. After intensive research and investigation I feel confident in using and recommending NYR Organic. I became a part of NYR Organic as an Independent Consultant in 2017 and continue to fall more in love with the company and our products every year.

Established in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies is a modern apothecary, creating award-winning natural and organic health and beauty. From small beginnings in a quiet corner of Covent Garden, we’re now a global leader with a growing presence across five continents – but remain grounded in our belief that outer beauty and inner health should be in perfect balance. We use the highest possible percentage of organic ingredients as they are kinder to the earth – and kinder to you. Using ethically sourced herbs, botanicals and essential oils, our experts handcraft potent blends of love, science and nature.

To discover NYR Organic please use my link below. I know you will fall in love just as I did.

My NYR Affiliate Code is:1234567 (If the link doesn't work)

Thank you for supporting me and my small business. 💙 Text "NYR" and your email to 716-308-6293 to get on my email list to be informed of specials. 💙

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